Kamzy FTP

Kamzy FTP is one of the most appreciated sotware from FTP client user.

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Kamzy FTP is a free ftp client

Created in 2002 the software Kamzy FTP is one of the most appreciated from FTP client user. Since is creation many others softwares and services came available to help you for the realisation of your web project.

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Kamzy FTP Pro Version

The pro version offer you more functionalities than the basic version and you will also receive a personal technical support.

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50 % rebate - 15 $ US

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Easy to use interface

an Easy to use interface and help wizard will guide you to complete all needed task

Connexion wizard

The connexion wizard will assist you step by step for the configuration of you web site.

Permissions management (CHMOD)

Change you file and folder permissions and ownership (CHMOD)

Send FTP command direct to server

Send to your server ftp command for more ftp funcionnality.

Multi Language (English/French/Spanish)

Change the language for the one you most comfortable.

Delete folder in recursive mode

Delete folder in recursive mode for time saving, one of most use developped feature.

Compare local and remote files and folders

You can compare files and folder between your computer and a remote folder, you can send the files that differ by size date or the missing files.

Structure and permission report

The structure and permission report show in a treeview all the files or folders in a selected remote folder and give information about the files/folders size, number of item in, and the permission.

Remote file editing

Edit your file directly in one click, easy and fast.

Automatique connetion

Configure Kamzy FTP to auto connect on any site when you open the software.

Search on the server

Search for files and folders on your server

Fast support

Our team will give the best and fastest answer as possible.

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